Gilbert Realty is a leader in local real estate services, but we are defined by our culture.  We don’t pledge to be the number one Brokerage but we promise to always be honest and fully transparent. Through a culture of service excellence and a shared sense of initiative, we accelerate the success of our partners.


Our company is commonly referred to as ‘boutique brokerage’ due to our hands-on approach. All of our Realtors provide their cell phone numbers and are very accessible.  We are ahead of the curve in terms of market knowledge, trend forecasting and risk assessment, as well as creativity and overall project vision. Advising our clients in an honest and timely way has helped Gilbert Realty solidify our reputation of treating our clients like family, handling every project as a partnership with our clients.
 Gilbert Realty is also known to oversee projects from start to finish. We advise and consult on various aspects of project development, not just leasing.  With respect to development situations, we very often participate from an early stage and oversee the project through the initial sale, re-zoning, planning and site plan approval stages into design, development, leasing and sales.
With respect to retail leasing, we have worked with almost every major national restaurant chain in Canada and we enjoy both local and international relationships with top-notch and celebrity chefs. We have extensive experience with restaurant franchises as well as corporate restaurant chains and we have a deep understanding of the development process in foodservice from real estate to franchising to construction to operations and to store opening.
Our office boasts a team environment where communication, candor and sincere open dialogue permeate. We hope to be of service to you in the future.